The locations of each of the 3 earth quakes this year

A lot was achieved in the weeks and months that followed the
Thai Tsunami but even now there is plenty we can do for the
children who were so badly effected; they need ongoing help
and encouragement.

We provide this ongoing assistance through a Charity set up in
the name of 'Lauren's Gift'

In 2010 we are looking to increase our fund raising efforts and
share cash raised between Thailand and Haiti

Would you like to
help our fund raising
efforts and Children
in need of our

See the
'Lauren's Gift'
pages for ideas on
how you might help.
Children at one of the camps receive comfort through reliable traditional characters
Electric Fans being distributed to a camp at Baan Nam Khem

Please browse through the pages within this site to see a little of
what a Tsunami can mean to your regular Thai village folk.

Please remember that much of  our story was written at the end of
February 2005 after returning back to the UK from South Thailand
but has been updated since because the work will not end for a long
time to come.

Prior to December 26th 2004, few would have know what a Tsunami
was, let alone how one could change their lives for ever.............
During January this family of 6 lived in this 1mt Sq tent
This couple were some what bewildered given some of the activities which followed the Tsunami

Should you have any suggestions to enable us to do more effective work or have experiences of your own which would be
useful to others to share, do please let us know by writing to the email address below or leave us a message in the guest
book.  Equally, should you have ideas for projects or have money to spend in the Baan Nam Khem area we would be pleased
to advise you or assist in making sure it was well utilised.

Waree, Alesha & Peter Warsop

Northampton UK


During the course of these efforts to help Tsunami victims over US$ 100,000 has been raised and spent directly on goods
that were given first hand to those in need.  No administrative costs or expenses have ever been deducted and so 100%
of all donations have been spent directly on the support being organised in Thailand.

Many friends and family helped to whom we are extremely grateful.

Special thanks must go to Panini S.p.A the International publisher based in Modena, Italy.  Without the enormous financial
support provided by Panini only a fraction of the aid that was given could have been provided.

Over the last three years cash has been raised through Lauren's Gift, a new UK
based charity, as can be seen by going to the pages marked 'Lauren's Gift'

"The waves were totally
indiscriminate in that
they took whoever or
whatever was in its path
that dreadful day; 5
star resorts, fishing
villages, holiday homes
and small businesses,
local people, visitors
from all over the world
as well as a prince of
the realm -  all gone."
Tsunami in Asia
A Volunteers Perspective
"One of the most deadly
disasters in modern history"
Within a day or so of arriving in the South of Thailand just after the
Tsunami had struck Waree and I thought we had made a mistake in
expecting that we could find ways in which we could be useful.  

We actually advised our hotel on three separate occasions that we
would be checking out the following morning, only to change our
minds in the hope that we could think of something - there was so
much devastation and suffering, there had to be something we
could find that would help.

With each visit to the camps we understood more about the needs
of the residents and soon learnt that despite the willingness to
help by many organisations there was a resistance to commit
finances within the short term.  This was not only depriving
thousands of families of the things that they really did need but it
was also proving to be dissipating confidence and morale for many
of them.  Thankfully for some it also did the opposite and
motivated them to do even more for themselves and their friends.

Surprisingly the type of aid we managed to get distributed during
this particular exercise was not being attended to by many others
in any volume and, although it was a pin prick in terms of the
overall problem, it brightened the lives of thousands and gave
them encouragement to continue.

The message is;     don’t be put off by the ‘experts’ who advise
that everyone should wait for the master plan to be unveiled so
that all efforts can be geared and coordinated to reach the
eventual goal.  Inevitably there is room for short term and medium
term actions – they may be slightly less well targeted but they do
make a positive difference and help prepare the displaced people
to be ready and to be able to take advantage of the 'master plan'
once it is ready and delivered.

Some people will say that the Tsunami was
over 5 years ago and so why is there a
need to continue work; it may be difficult
to understand but read on ...
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